Your Art Show

YOUR ART SHOW was designed as a new web portal to join artists and art lovers. At this portal artists and other creative people show their work and participate in our art contest. Art lovers are thus able to approach artists and discover new exciting artwork. Join our community at YOUR ART SHOW and meet congenial people who do appreciate art!

About us

YOUR ART SHOW was founded by Ulrich Richter, Christian Huebner, and Lothar Keuler. The three of us are longterm friends and gallery owners. With this project we want to support artists and other creative people to show their artwork to an international public. Artists will be glad to be put contact with art loving people; perhaps signing in to YOUR ART SHOW will foster some art careers and lasting friendships.

We are looking forward to welcome many new artworks and art loving visitors!

Christian Huebner, Ulrich Richter, and Lothar Keuler (from left to right)
Christian Huebner, Ulrich Richter, and Lothar Keuler

Who can participate?

YOUR ART SHOW is not being run like an art gallery or art consultancy: There is no selection of artists and artworks shown at this portal. Every artist is cordially invited to participate. This also applies to other creative people such as architects, designers, fashion designers and others. YOUR ART SHOW is free of any costs.