Answers to frequently asked questions

I have registered at YOUR ART SHOW, but so far no verification e-mail has arrived. What’s next?
A: Please check the spam folder of your e-mail account. Quite often e-mails by unknown senders are being saved there. If this isnt successful, please contact us by e-mail – we will be happy to support you.

Q: I would like to join YOUR ART SHOW. Are there any costs involved?
A: You are welcome to join us anytime. Our portal is free of charge, that applies to the art contest as well.

Q: What’s the function of the username?
A: The username is your name at YOUR ART SHOW. You decide whether it will be your real name or a pseudonym.
Attention: Please enter your first and last name, if you want other visitors to find your real name.

Q: Will I be able to switch between profile types ‚artist’ and ‚art lover’?
A: Unfortunately, you won’t be able to switch profile types. For example: You have registered as ‘art lover’ and would like to show your own artwork. In this case please delete your existing ‘art lover’ profile and create a new ‘artist’ profile.

Q: Do I need to upload portrait photos?
A: No, you don’t have to. If you do not upload a portrait photo, a silhouette symbol will be shown in your profile instead. However a portrait photo adds an important personal touch to your profile and increases the number of possible contacts to other portal members.

Q: Is it possible to upload videos which will be run on the portal? Video is an important art form as well...
A: Unfortunately, video upload is not possible at YOUR ART SHOW. Please post your video at e.g. and refer to this video at our portal: you might cut/paste the youtube link into the field ‘Exhibitions’.

Q: How do I switch the primary artwork?
A: Automatically the first artwork you are uploading will be your primary artwork at YOUR ART SHOW. This primary artwork will be shown together with your username at the artists’ survey. At ‘My Artworks’ you can select each artwork as primary artwork: just click ‚Set as primary artwork’.

Q: Some artworks are featuring a € symbol. What’s the reason?
A: The € symbol indicates that this artwork is for sale. The enlarged view of the artwork shows the price.

Q: What’s the meaning of ‚My Favorite Art’?
A: You can mark artworks you really like at our portal as ‚My Favorite Art’. At the enlarged view of the artwork you will find the function ‘Add to my favorite art’. You can only use this function if you are a registered member of YOUR ART SHOW.

Q: Will I be notified by e-mail when I receive messages from other members of the portal?
A: You decide whether to be notified by e-mail or not. Please click ‘Privacy Options’ at your profile, there you can also decide which members will be allowed to send you messages.

Q: Art contest: I am participating in the current round and would like to see my rank in the voting. How does that work?
A: At ‘My Contest / Submit Artwork’ you will find the current ranking of your artwork.

Q: Contest voting: Once I’ve voted for an artwork I can’t change my mind anymore,can I…? Sometimes I would like to reassign a different number of stars. Is that possible?
A: Unfortunately, that’s not possible; voting for an artwork is irreversible.

Q: I am not getting any search results. What’s the appropriate way to search?
A: Please use our {0} form. There you will find numerous choices; additionally preset search criteria will support a successful search. To use all the functions of our {0} form please register at YOUR ART SHOW. {1}

Q: The overall layout of the portal is somewhat strange, e.g. thumbnails arent shown completely.
A: Probably you are using an old version of Internet Explorer® (version 5.0/5.5). These older browser versions are affected by dangerous security gaps, therefore our portal does not support these versions. Please update to a more recent version Internet Explorer® 6 or 7. For your own safety!
Besides you could employ the Firefox® browser.
Get Firefox

Q: How do I delete my profile at YOUR ART SHOW?
A: What a pity that you are about to quit. It would be very supportive if you could tell us your reasons for quitting, after all it is our goal to constantly improve YOUR ART SHOW.
To answer your question: To delete your profile please visit ‚My Profile / Personal Info’. Please scroll down to the end of the form, there you can delete your profile. Then all personal details and artworks will be irrevocably deleted; nevertheless you are welcome to register again anytime.