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Contest for artists and other creative people

Welcome to our public contest! Like any other visitor and member of our portal, please vote for these artworks to determine our contest’s winners.*

List of winners

Contest continues 2012

We will continue the contest in March 2012. There are three preliminary rounds. From March until December 2012 every quarter. In January 2013, all preliminary winners will join the final round.

Artist participation

All the artists and other creative people who have registered at our portal are invited to participate in our contest.

Would you like to join as artist?

By now you can already submit artworks for our 2012 contest! Please register first.

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Contest Rules

PRELIMINARY ROUNDS: There are preliminary rounds from March until December every quarter. For each round all artists can submit an artwork for competition. Submission is always due for the next month: e.g. in March for the April-June preliminary round. Visitors and members of our portal are voting for the submitted artworks. The top 3 artists of each round receive following prizes: 1.Place = € 100, 2.Place = € 75, 3.Place = € 25.

FINAL ROUND: In January of the following year, all preliminary winners will join the final round. The final’s top 3 artists will receive € 200 each.

Artwork submission

Only artworks which have already been uploaded to our portal at ‘My Artworks’ can be submitted to the contest. Basically, one artwork can be submitted to several preliminaries. However, an artwork which has already won a preliminary round may not be submitted to one of the following preliminaries. Artwork submission to the final round is open only for the winners of the preliminary rounds: These artists can submit any artwork to the final round.

Good luck to all contest participants!

* To prevent manipulation, only votes of registered visitors are being counted.